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"Well, hello Hugh Jackman."

- 2009 Theatre Ambassador stage manager Kati Dawson upon seeing Hugh Jackman in midtown NYC.

You'll never be the same!

Seattle Repertory TheatreSix WWU theatre students will be performing short plays beginning with a gig at Seattle Repertory Theater this fall. The tour continues during winter term with productions at numerous high schools, colleges and theaters along the I-5 corridor from Portland to Bellingham. “It’s the best recruiting tool in the world,” says the tour’s Managing Director, Bryan Willis. “Imagine you’re a theater student in Tacoma’s Stadium High School and you see a group of amazing theater students performing new plays. And oh, by the way, they’re also touring to New York and England where they’ll be performing and also seeing shows. The tour makes a strong statement about what the WWU Theater Department offers. It’s a unique opportunity. ‘Unique’ as in ‘no one else in the U.S. offers anything like it.’” Last year's tour included performances at Seattle Repertory Theater, one theater in New York, and two theaters in England. Three years ago the tour performed in Kobe, Japan! This will be the program's sixth year. The traveling ensemble will raise money for the trip by performing and also offering workshops. Former director professor Rich Brown states, “I’m excited for the opportunity for our WWU students to share their training with high school and college students in the region through performances and workshops. And what a great way to highlight Pacific Northwest playwrights.”

As in past years, the ensemble will perform for audience members of all ages in diverse venues ranging from professional theatres in Seattle and Portland to high school auditoriums and vacation lodges up and down the I-5 corridor.

Students raise funds by performing the tour and leading workshops. Other travel expenses are paid for by the students themselves, with housing provided by hosts in New York and England.

For scheduling, auditions and show information, please email Jim Lortz.

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