A Symbiotic Qualia

Past Exhibition Image
three dimensional extrusion of a cube on a blue background

Viewing an artwork evokes individual experiences within each observer. Qualia is recognized when one becomes aware that their individual experience is different from that of another. The artists represented in this thesis exhibition have spent a year developing a body of work that connects them through their diverse perspectives. No painter, printer or sculptor approaches their work in exactly the same way as another - the choice of color, form, and intention is unique for each individual. Qualia comes forward in the private moment when one becomes cognizant of a subjective experience, the existential phenomena that occurs when awareness of a sensation emerges.

The 2017-18 Bachelors of Fine Art cohort developed a body of work by exchanging inherent experiences through personal histories that influence our conceptual and process-based work. While generating year-long professional practices, each individual reconciled collective obstacles through symbiotic processes of empathetic conversation and collaboration. Intertwining our subjective experiences, our Cohort grew into a symbiotic community adept at navigating social and cultural viewpoints ahead of us with determined resolve. 




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