Animated shorts - Spring 2022

illustration of a person hanging from a desk in a small room as if gravity is upside-down for the person and not the furniture

These projects are a selection of works from Chris E. Vargas' 2D Experimental Animation class. The works utilize rotoscope (frame-by-frame tracing of live-action footage), 2D camera-based stop-motion (using materials ranging from cut paper to paint-on-glass), digital animation (using Adobe After Effects and Animate), and a variety of other techniques. Enjoy!


  • Lilly Alison
  • Sophia Anderson
  • Megan Boyle
  • Danny Brown
  • Lillie Brown
  • Madison Daniel-Smith
  • Camryn Gipe
  • Raven Holtz
  • Joslyn Presley
  • Sophia Roca
  • Grace Rodriguez
  • Lucy Schwendiman
  • Jose Telix Silverio
  • Jenny Thompson
  • Julia Vreeman
  • Rachel Williams
  • Elise Wooten
  • Yifei Wu