Art Fun with Platonic Solids

downward view of feet in front of an open plastic tote, containing a hard drive, switch box, fan, and power strip

Let’s have some fun and learn about platonic solids.

You can enjoy this lesson in any order. Look at the videos below and I dare you to make at least one kind of platonic solid by the end of the week. Maybe make a cube and then a tetrahedron. See which forms feels more sturdy. Ask yourself WHY?

My platonic solid of the moment is an icosahedron. See it below. The last video is a slideshow movie that’s full of information about P-solids. Be sure to watch that before you’re through.

What can I use to make my P-solids?

I like bamboo skewers and use hot glue to make connections. You can also use sticks, rolled up paper, q-tips work great too as seen in this video below:

Next watch me and some friends build a 9 foot tall icosahedron!

Here’s the slideshow I promised. Please be sure to watch it and if you have time watch the video on Tomas Saraceno and his cloud cities!

Thanks for watching! And if you want to learn more about our STEAM minor contact me at