Upside-Down Times

illustration of a penguin surrounded by giant virus molecules

A selection of works from Chris E. Vargas' Experimental 2D Animation class. In this mix of stop-motion and rotoscoped animation, students engage with and comment on the topsy-turvy, upside down, anxious, surreal, stressful times we’re all living through.

Kaylen Barber: Shape of You

Blaise Coleman: Polarity

Emma Fuhrmann: With My Eyes Closed

Chandler Henderson: Ezra Falls Rotoscope

Yunjee Kang: Yunjees Stop Moshe

Frankie Martinez: Ignited

Angela Rodriguez: Lo Fi w/Zoom

Suzannah Beller: What Scared Me

Penguin Davis: The Quarantine

Ethan Hanley: Grillin' with Dwight

Jonathan Horna: Summertime Memories

Emily Liu: The Labyrinth

Alina Nazarchuk: A Rotoscope Animation

Mackenzie Spangler: Storm's A Comin' Rotoscoped

Kara Buzzelle: Skating on Rotoscope

Hayley Deti: Sick of Home

Trevor Heater: A Journey Through Space

Eli Nikolas Isenhour: Pain

Lucy Lund: Visiting Grandpa

Sadie Olson: Broken Elbow