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Art & Ecology Practicum is an Art Studio class. The Community page is an ever-growing space for sharing and engagement. Here you will find all kinds of art & ecology related resources as well as links to Art & Ecology student's eco-art practices beyond the classroom.

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I wonder if humans will ever collectively be able to accept radical tenderness and find that visceral feeling inside themselves. I wonder if humankind will ever be able to accept the unknowable as something unattainable rather than the quest for knowledge.

Adalyn Allen
Art & Ecology Student

What does relating beyond knowledge, identity, and understanding look like – in the world and in myself?

Erika Mazza-Smith
Art & Ecology Student

Course Readings & Projects

  • Andreotti, Vanessa de Oliveira, “Torpor and Awakening,” lecture, Indigenous Scholars Conference: Indigenous Epistemologies: Re-Visioning Reconciliation, 2015, University of Alberta 
  • Ballengée, Brandon, “The Art, Science, and Environmentalism of Deformed Amphibian Research,” 2015
  • Carruthers, Beth, “Praxis: Acting as if Everything Matters,” 2006
  • Darwin, Charles, “Galapagos Archipelago” and “Tahiti and New Zealand,” in Voyage of the Beagle, London and New York: JM Dent & Sons, Ltd. and EP Dutton & Co, Inc., 1906.
  • Hamilton, Ann, The Common Sense, Seattle, WA: Henry Art Gallery, 2014-15
  • Haraway, Donna, “Symbiogenesis,” in Bubant, N., Gan, E., Swanson, H., Tsing, A., ed., Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2017
  • Hellicon Collaborative, “Farther, Faster, Together,” ArtPlace America LLC, 2018 
  • Kimmerer, Robin Wall, Braiding Sweetgrass, Minneapolis: Milkweed Editions, 2013.
  • Matilsky, Barbara, Endangered Species: Artists on the Front Line of Biodiversity, Bellingham, WA: Whatcom Museum, 2018.
  • Pearson, K.R., Backman, M. Grenni, S., Moriggi, A., Pisters, S. Vrieze de, A., “Arts-Based Methods for Transformative Engagement: A Toolkit,” Wageningen: SUSPLACE, 2018.
  • SongBird – Arts & Ecology In Practice, Beth Carruthers 1998-2002

Books & Articles

  • Brown, Andrew. Art & Ecology Now (London: Thames & Hudson, 2014)
  • Carruthers, B. Art, Place and the Meaning of Home: Commissioned Essay for the Stanley Park Environmental Art Project. Vancouver Board of Parks, Arts & Culture. (2010).
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  • Weintraub, Linda with Skip Schuckmann. Avant-Guardians: Texlets on Ecology and
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