College of Fine & Performing Arts


Art from Fibers, Fabrics, TextilesFiber art by Kate Sechrist

The Fibers/Fabrics area emphasizes art making using various textile processes, both traditional and contemporary applications. Students explore techniques and ideas inspired by the works of students and professional artists, and products from all over the world. Historical and technical information, as well as demonstrations are provided. Specific projects include: tie dyeing, Katazome (paste resist stencil dyeing), silk painting, screen printing, heat transfer, loom weaving (pattern, Ikat, tapestry), papermaking, felt-making, mixed media, installation, etc.  Some advanced students will have opportunities to explore computer weaving and other digital textile media.  Please see catalog for degree requirements and courses.

Fiber Arts Facilities at Western

The Fibers lab is a nice bright environment with many windows and a good ventilation system.  We have 4 padded printing tables, 2 stainless steel tables, 9 floor looms and 2 AVL computer looms.   The cooking stoves and large sink with a sprayer are also part of the main facility.   Depending on the projects we will use dye mixing boxes, heat press machines, Hollander beater, paper press, pulp sprayer, sewing machines, and felt carders.  We also have special kimono stretchers for Katazome projects.

room sized crocheted white fiber sculpturescollage style tapestrieselaborate red mask and helmet made of yarnan animal figure bound by yarnsfaces stamped in handmade paperfiber art mobilea vitrium filled with fiber art animal partsa grid like 3D structure made of white fibers sits over a person's head and shouldersa wearable flying creature form with wings and a tailstudents work in the fiber arts laba student works on a large woven art piecestudents display and enjoy several large fiber structures in a seminar roomwearable fiber art jacketwearable fiber art gownfiber art installation/mobiledecorative fiber art wall hanging in blue with indigo and lavendar squares and circlesdiaphanous fiber installation with tree like silhouettescolorfully dyed or painted fiber wall hangings in a gallery with purple wallsbatique dyed fabric piecefelted animal headspurple eroded fiber cloud hanging over small fiber-made figuresbright green drapes made of dozens of plastic or rubber ribbons hung close togetherfiber art in the shape of a bow made with many strands bound at the middle fanning out to either sidea dress fashioned of photographics slides fastened togetherabstract fiber art installation of colorful spheres enmeshed in radiating yarns