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The Foundation program is an introduction to the Department of Art and consists of four courses that are the basic foundation for ideas and practices in studio art making.  The courses are Art 109: Visual Dialogue, Art 110: Foundation Drawing I, Art 120: 2-Dimensional Art, Art 203: Foundation Drawing II and Art 230: Three Dimensional Art.  These courses are required of all studio art majors and are the prerequisites for all other Art Department courses.

Course Descriptions

Art 109: Visual Dialogue

Visual Dialogue is an introduction to ideas and artists in 20th and 21st century art.  The course examines concepts of content, meaning, and cultural relationships in art and questions the nature, function, and importance of art in contemporary society.

Art 110: Foundation Drawing I

Foundation Drawing I focuses on the techniques and materials of drawing.  The course includes figure drawing, perspective studies and drawing from memory and the imagination.  The concept of drawing as a means of conveying ideas is emphasized.

students discuss art in the B Gallery

Art 120: 2-Dimensional Art

brightly colored cartoon illustration of a female

2-Dimensional Art is an introduction to visual problem solving by exploring the elements and principles of design and color.  Traditional and digital applications are integrated throughout all aspects of the course.

Art 203: Foundation Drawing II

Foundation Drawing II examines the definition of drawing in the 21st century and explores contemporary approaches to drawing.  The course addresses the conceptual and technical basis of drawing and investigates a broad range of materials and approaches including abstraction, observation, imagination, collage, and mixed media.  Experimentation in developing an individual system for artistic expression is encouraged.

Art 230: 3-Dimensional Art 

3-Dimensional Art introduces methods, materials and ideas pertaining to current practices in 3-D art.  Fundamental concepts and techniques are explored through hands-on projects in various media ranging from fibers, ceramics, wood, metal and other media associated with the making of 3-D art.  The course also introduces ideas of content in 3-D form.

student handling loads of colorful fabric scraps