printmaking students peel a print off a cut block in the print lab

The Printmaking department provides students with a broad range of information and experiences, both formal and conceptual.  Historical and contemporary printmaking methods are examined and explored to gain insight into the potential of the multiple and its endless possibilities.

The printmaking studio is filled with natural light and is fully equipped for etching, relief printing, lithography and water-based screen-printing.  Digital images can be printed on clear film for photo-processes, and archival full color inkjet digital prints can be printed using the 2 large format Epson printers in the Photography Digital Print Lab.

Printmaking Studio Equipment


  • Charles Brand etching press (bed size: 36”x72”)
  • KB etching press (bed size: 26”x47”)
  • Hunter Penrose etching press (bed size: 28”x49”)
  • Ettan etching press (bed size: 26”x48”)
  • Table top press (bed size: 12”x24”)
  • Acid room: ferric chloride acid for etching copper plates
  • Aquatint room: equipped with a rosin box
  • 3 hot plates
  • plate cutter (37” wide)
  • variety of rollers and brayers


  • Charles Brand press (bed size: 32”x52½”)
  • Takach press (bed size: 26”x48”)
  • Charles Brand press (bed size: 30”x50”)
  • a large collection of litho stones
  • variety of leather and rubber rollers

Screenprint (Water-based)

  • X-Vactor XL UV Vacuum Screen Exposure Unit (max screen frame: 35”x49”)
  • washout booth
  • screens and squeegees

Printmaking Classes

  • ART 350 Printmaking I
  • ART 351 Relief
  • ART 352 Printmaking: Stone Lithography
  • ART 353 Printmaking: Etching