Western Washington University students worked with acclaimed Seattle artist John Grade to recreate his "Meridian, 2008" sculpture using tree limbs gathered from the Western campus.

Later the wood work was removed from its home in the Western Gallery and placed in the bog behind Miller Hall on campus to slowly decompose and return to the earth.

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Inflatable sculptures replaced dragon swing

The dragon sculpture, previously located outside of the Fine Arts Complex, was permanently moved to the yard of Instructional Technician John Zylstra early spring quarter 2011 after a wind storm damaged it. Photo courtesy of John Zylstra, from the Western Front


Throughout fall quarter [2011], the lawn outside the Fine Arts Complex [was] occupied by a variety of inflatable sculptures, said Western Washington University senior Henry Jackson-Spieker.

Mendes’ Installation Art class put inflatable sculptures on the lawn until the end of fall quarter. They [were] made out of large plastic sheets filled with air with a labyrinth on the inside, Mendes said.

“It’s a big group project,” Jackson-Spieker said. “It’ll be a good experience collaborating with other artists.”

Jackson-Spieker, a studio art major, helped paint the dragon sculpture that was on the lawn of the Fine Arts Complex [in 2010].  Read more...