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Art Drop Mini

Art Drop Mini is a collaborative project conducted by the art department’s professional practices class, showcasing affordable, handmade art! The project makes available student artworks and in turn provides scholarship funding for art department students.

Throughout the winter quarter of 2018, the professional practices class has focused on jump starting the old Art Drop legacy in a new way, replacing the old, tired, a hand inserts change into a small vending machine filled with small containersand broken vending machine utilized by previous classes with two capsule dispensing machines! Each capsule costs a dollar and contains one piece of handmade art. The Art Drop Mini machines are located in the Fine Arts building, one next to the entrance to the main office on the first floor and the other near the top of the far right staircase and the photography lab on the second floor. If you are planning to stop by, remember to bring some quarters!

Call to artists!

Want to get involved? Art Drop thrives through the contributions of artists like you! By donating artwork artists contribute to art department scholarship funding and also have the opportunity to use Art Drop Mini as a means to promote their work. If you’ve got an idea in mind and would like to contribute, please contact the Art Drop Mini team through the information below!

General guidelines

Please be sure that your art can fit inside a 2” spherical capsule, isn’t perishable, and contains no illicit or illegal substances. We encourage contributors to include a signature and or social media information to help promote your practice.

If you would like to know more about Art Drop Mini, have any questions, or would like to contribute, please don’t hesitate to contact the Art Drop Mini team!

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