CFPA Terms and Conditions


*By submitting a CFPA Room Request you are agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out in this document. If you have any questions concerning the following, please contact Fred Ramage, CFPA Operations Manager, at (360) 650-7711 or email

Reservations Process

The College of Fine and Performing Arts (CFPA) makes its performance facilities available to other university units as a courtesy. These are academic spaces used for classes, concerts, recitals, rehearsals, and productions of the CFPA. All scheduling of these spaces is done through the college’s Office of Performance Facilities. Submission of a request does not constitute permission from the CFPA to use its facilities; the request must be reviewed and signed off by a member of the Office of Performance Facilities before it is considered approved. No publicity regarding an event should be released until an official approval is provided. The scheduling calendar for an academic year opens the preceding May for scheduling by university units outside the CFPA. We prefer to have requests at least 25 working days in advance. Only WWU departments and other official university units may sponsor events in CFPA facilities. Individuals may not act as event sponsors.

Event Coordinator

An “Event Coordinator” should be named by the sponsoring unit to serve as the liaison between the sponsoring unit and the CFPA. The Event Coordinator must be present on-site during the event and for all event activities, including load-in and load out. Facilities may not be opened if the Event Coordinator is not present at the access time requested.


Existence of equipment within the facility does not give implied use. Use of the facility equipment (i.e. recording, amplification systems, other sound equipment, lighting equipment, etc.) may only be used by approved College technicians, or under their supervision. Use of audio-visual equipment housed in the Performing Arts Center or Old Main Theatre must be scheduled through and operated by Media Services. Tuning of pianos for events must be done by a College approved technician. Specialized equipment may be made available and will require additional fees. Sponsor agrees to pay these fees should the use of specialized equipment be requested. The CFPA’s performance facilities, with the exception of the Concert Hall, do not have permanently installed lighting for the performance areas. The Concert Hall has overhead, white lighting supplied from border strips which are permanently installed. All other spaces must have lighting hung specifically for an event. Rep lighting is sometimes hung in the Mainstage Theatre and Old Main Theatre which (if available) might be adequate for lectures or simple performances. Hanging of lighting instruments in performance spaces must be done by CFPA crews and is an expense which must be borne by the event sponsor if necessary. Similarly, there is no permanently installed sound equipment currently in the performance facilities. Equipment must be moved to the hall and set up for each event. The CFPA can generally supply up to five microphones and playback from CD. Equipment availability is dependent on production schedules. Standard equipment in the Concert Hall is approximately eighty chairs, fifty music stands, and eight acoustic shell units. No other equipment should be considered “standard” in any facility. Movie screens are available in the Mainstage, Concert Hall, and Old Main Theatres if requested. Projectors must be contracted for through Media Services. The PAC has some 6-foot tables available.

Room Arrangement

The Sponsor is responsible for returning the facility to its pre-performance state at the conclusion of the event. CHARGES: The following fees and labor charges are estimates only. All labor will be billed to the Sponsor at the current CFPA labor rate at the conclusion of the event.


The stage crew scheduled will be predicated upon the type of event (film, concert, full production, lecture, etc.) and level of staffing required, as determined by the Dean and the CFPA Operations Manager. The minimum crew would be one student Plant Manager. All labor will be billed to the Sponsor. Stage Technicians work on four hour minimum calls. Requests beyond eight hour calls will include overtime charges at time and one-half.


The CFPA will arrange the cleaning of space following any events where: the event is ticketed or donations are accepted, the event necessitates a special cleaning before regular classes may occur, or there are multiple performances that necessitate cleaning between them. The estimated cleaning fee is $150.00 for a single performance.


Failure to notify the Office of Performance Facilities of the cancellation of your event in writing at least 24 hours in advance will result in a charge of the complete labor estimate and a $50.00 administrative fee.


The budget authority of the sponsoring unit agrees to allow the CFPA to submit a journal voucher against the provided account in order to recover the labor, materials, and fees associated with the event.


The Sponsor agrees to provide an appropriate number of ushers to keep food and drink out of the house portion of the performance spaces and to insure the safety of the audience entering and leaving the facility. All ushers must be at least 18 years old and should arrive dressed in black pants or skirts and white shirts or blouses. A House Manager will be provided by the college to train and supervise these ushers. All ushers should arrive in the lobby of the venue one hour. before the event start time. The college reserves the right to refuse to open the doors to the facility if this clause is not met in full.

  • Mainstage Theatre: Requires 12 ushers with the balcony closed and 16 ushers if the balcony is open
  • Concert Hall: Requires a minimum of 8 ushers
  • Old Main Theater: Requires a minimum of 4 ushers
  • Underground Theatre: Requires a minimum of 4 ushers

Ticketed Events

If the event is ticketed, the Sponsor agrees to sell the tickets directly through the WWU Box Office. A Ticketing Agreement must be completed at least two weeks in advance of the event and returned to Jessie Phillips, the WWU Box Office Manager, at: WWU Box Office PAC 278, MS-9107

Smoking Policy/Alcoholic Beverages

There is no smoking in state facilities. If you plan on serving alcoholic beverages you must obtain a banquet permit from the Washington State Liquor Control Board. Applications for a Banquet Permit are available online at and must be completed least two weeks in advance.

Food Service

Food service and catering for University facilities is provided by University Dining Services. Non-University groups must use University Dining Services if they plan to serve food or beverages. On campus users must fill out an online catering exemption form one week prior to the event if they are requesting to provide their own food. Any exception to this policy must be approved by the Director of University Dining Services.

Pyrotechnical Devices

Use of pyrotechnical devices, including explosive, smoke/fog generating, and open flame or flash devices are not allowed. Any exceptions must be approved by the CFPA Operations Manager

Security and Safety

The Sponsor is responsible for providing adequate security for facilities and property. In the event of loss or damage, the Sponsor will be billed for repairs and /or replacement. The Sponsor is responsible for abiding by the occupancy limits set by the Bellingham Fire Code and all house rules as set forth by the CFPA Operations Manager.