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Fantasy - Oddball

Fantasy costumes, etc.
rustic sleeveless long coat made from book pagesfeather jacket with flappy tailsclownish quilted smock with sleeves and pink neck rufflesJester jacket with ruff collar. Half multicolor lattice, half black and white striped silk.alligator suitrustic Brunhilde bodice with conical breast coverings


Asian costumes
red patterned housecoatloose fiited three-quarter length black robe with silver logograms on lapelsbright blue dress with hem-length sleeves. Picture embroidered on breast.dun colered open robe with lavendar floral rosette on the breastturquoise and white patterned robeYellow embroidered silk jacketlavishly embroidered blouse with red trim and floral motifsleeveless black dress with embroidered patternspatterned red robe, full lengthembroidered poncho with metallic fringe and bird motif on chest

Greek, Roman, Byzantine

Greek, Roman, Byzantine costumes
long white dress with very long sleevescheckered pattern cloak with sleeves and collarbright blue three quarter length tunic with belted waistbright purple tunic with short sleeves and metallic pattern at sleeves and hemlong orange dressvery long loose fitting dress or tunic with very long sleevesdress with vee neck, broad diagonal stripesvery long gown with dragging hem and sleeves. White background, heavily decorated with lavender, purple floral pattern

14th Century - 16th Century

Gothic - Women's (1300-1485)
very long cornflower dress with fuscia accents. bold black and white vee neck dressblue, green, turquoise panels and striped dress with diaphonous demi-cape. Low neckline.
Gothic - Men's (1300-1485)
Rustic cotton tunic with red gothic crossbrown tunic with rabbity pattern in yellowthree quarter length tunic with long sleeves. Yellow, brown, orange. Belted at waist.Yellow tunic with bold red stripes.
Renaissance - Tudor - Women's (1485-1550)
Coral patterned dress with full sleeves and a black skirt panel in frontbrown dress with diamond pattern, flared dark sleeves.dress with diamond pattern bodice, flared brown sleeves, brown skirt
Renaissance - Tudor - Men's (1485-1550)
velvetty dark vented tunic. Cuts show rose colored silk and white Renaissance - Tudor tunicrose colored velvet robe over blue dressheavy sabel cloack with black fur trimpatterned burgundry tunicembroidered blue vestmetallic tunic with sleevesshort yellow velvet surcoat with furred collargrey doublet with cuts showing orange
Elizabethan - Women's (1550-1620s)
Ornate cream colored gown. Satin panels, gold detail. Embroidered.Short white bodice with narrow sleeves and neck ruffshort jacket with patterened green breast panel
Elizabethan - Men's (1550-1620s)
Jacket and poofy knickers, red with yellow stripesVelvety orange period costume

17th Century - 18th Century

Cavalier, Commonwealth, and Restoration - Women's (1620s-1720s)
Long silky dress with fitted bodice, long sleeves, gold front panel in skirt, burgundy piping, scoop neck.Red and black dress with long poofy sleeves, long skirt, fitted bust, scoop neck
Cavalier and Commonwealth - Men's (1620s-1660)
white men's blouse with flared sleeves and broad lace collar under a padded green vest laced in smock with silver cross over man's blouse (ala Three Musketeers)Blue smock over white blouse. Smock embellished with gold cruciform insignia (ala Three Musketeers)Light bluse double breasted waistcoat with silver buttons. Black pantaloons.Short patterned gold jacket with matching broad breeches. All trimmed with fabric tassles.Loose fitting plum colored outfit with jacket and knee pants
Restoration and Georgian - Men's (1660-1800)
collarless three quarter length coat with yellow floral print, blue lining, blue sleeve detail, blue waistcoat.three-quarterlength cutaway coat in patterned rust/orange. wide lapels.early 18th century justacorps coat. white with gold pattern and gold trim. lace collar.violet, blue, and aqua three quarter length suit coat and waistcoat.mildly distressed pale blue justacorps coat with lapels and large buttons.
Georgian - Women's (1730-1800)
elaborate patterned dress with patterened surcoat, bows, low necklinesimple dress with fitted white bodice, high neck, mid-length sleeves, purple skirt with revealed panel of lavendar lace.floor length night dress with floral surcoatCream colored fitted jacket with low neckline and peuplum over light rose ankle-length skirtpatterned grey/green dress with lace stomacher, flared sleeves of light bliue, light blue panel in front of skirt.casaquin sans peplum. Patterned three-quarter sleeves, stomacher, pearl detailcream colored casaquin. full length sleeves, long peplum, patterned coordinate skirt.

Early 19th Century

Directoire and Empire - Men's (1800-1820s)
burgundy velvet double-breasted tailcoat with blue lapels, pink cravat, revealing patterned rose waistcoatgreen tailcoat with full sleeves, waistcoat with rust-colored pattern, white cravat
Directoire and Empire - Women's (1800-1820s)
white empire-waisted dress.empire-waisted dress. Full sleeve, square pattern, ribbon belt.
Romantic - Men's (1820s-1840)
Romantic era tan frock coat, black waistcoat, white cravat, trousers.Blue and green plaid frock coat, rust colored silk vest, tan high-waisted trousers, lace cravat
Romantic - Women's (1820s-1840)
Small lavender child's dress from the Romantic periodBright fuscia dress with patterned drop collar with ballooning gigot style sleevesfanciful costume gown of the Romantic period with penant-like purple accessoriesstraw colored gown with demi-gigot sleeve, large blue bow at waist, matching dress collar. matching small bows at hem.

Mid 19th Century - Late 19th Century

1880s-1890s - Women's
simple 1890s dress. Lavender with stripes on bodice, purple sash, loose sleevegreen dress with lace at sleeves and neck linke. Low sash around hips.
1890s-1910s - Women's
light colored dress of diaphonous floral fabric. Red accents, buttons, etc., lace at the hem and sleevesyellow peplum with wide lapels. matching skirt.high collared bodice, long fitted sleeve, plaid plastron front at breast, black skirt with matching plaid hem.Blouse, matching blue jacket and skirt with dark blue lapels and details.
Frockcoats, Tailcoats, and Morning Coats
pewter morning coat, blue cravat, blue waistcoat, white shirt, white pocket handkerchiefblack frock coat with short collar
Prairie - Women's (mid-late 1800s)
blue prairie dress with rust colored sleeves and neck/collarplaid dress with apronred dress, scoop neck, fitted sleeves, laced bodice, lace at cuffspurple checked dress with loose sleeves, apron front. Think barn dance.Prairie dress. Rust-colored with small floral design. White accents on bodice.calf length plaid dress with short sleeves. White Peter Pan collar, white lace at cuffs.
Western - Men's (mid-late 1800s)
big blue western chaps like cowboys wear.Brown and tan Western style suit coat, black vest, string tiesorrel buckskin jacket with long fringe, wool chaps
Crinoline - Women's (1840-1860)
Full length light blue dress with lace collar and dark blue trimrose colored dress with fitted velvet bodice, short sleeves, full crinoline skirtsleeveless light yellow gown with fur trim around the breast, tulle skirt
Bustle - Women's (1860-1880)
Silk dress, fitted bodice, cap sleeve, bustle. Ornate fabric and tailoring.simple red dress with sash/bustle at waist. patterned pink basque peplum jacket with pink skirtwhite and lavender peplum with matching skirt.

20th Century

1910s-1920 - Women's
White skirt, pinstripes, black blouse with three large bows on chest matching skirt.Dress. Black top, thin shoulder straps, broad belt with horizontal balck/white stripes, full skirt matching belt with vertical stripes.Dress, white skirt, cutaway black/white striped top with tails, large ruff of lace at v-neck and sleeve cuffs.dress with white ruffled skirt, broad black belt, polka dot blouse, short matching cape, black cravat.patterned business-like coordinate skirt and jacket.
1920s - Women's
short flared black skirt, vest-style blouse with orange and black polka dots on black and white fieldsdrop waist dress with mid-length sleeves, slight shawl collarsatin rose dress wtih white lapels. full sleeve
1930s - Women's
very colorful dress. Short sleeves, fitted waist, long skirt.
1940s - Women's
black silk robe with rose colored ribbon in a bow at waist1940s Victory Suit style jacket. Grey with burgundy lapels, belt, and cuffs.simple violet dress with elegantly styled necklinebelow-knee blue dress. Belted. Lapels with floral patern.1940s burgundy dress. A-line skirt. Three buttons up front of bodice, flare at waist.
1950s - Women's
salmon colored short sleeve dress. calf-length skirt with tulle semi-formal dress. Wide ribbon belt, scoop neck, short sleeve, mid calf length.full striped skirt in orange, red and white. Tab collar blouse, red cardigan.
1960s - Women's
sleeveless dress, calf length. Yellow floral pattern.
1970s - Women's
Kimono-style dress with bold red checker motif and bright floral motif. V-neck, full length, full sleeve.
Separate - Men's
Yellow collared shirt under bold plaid sweatervest in oranges, browns, black.
Suits, Sportsjacket, Tuxes - Men's
Gray tweed coat and vest with broad check pattern. White shirt with collar.Striped seersucker coat, white shirt, black bow tie.


Nightwear - Men's and Women's
banyan style dressing gown with rich turkish motif and rope beltnightdress with wrap front, lace detail, deep neckline

Outer Wear

Cloaks and Capes
very long blue velvet cloak with cowl hooddeep blue velvet cape, waist lengthdark green cloak with cowl hoodlight orange shawl-style cape with wing collar and rose detail.light green patterned cape-like coatthree quarter length bronze colored cloak with hoodwhite cloak with cape, bow tie at neckornate shoulder cape in reds, oranges.shoulder cape, buttoned down front, checked pattern, some fringe.fanciful cloak of red, pink and white ragesbrightly colored cloak of alternating vertical panels.

Peasant Wear and Distressed

Peasant Wear and Distressed
peasant blouse and laced bodice, looking well worn.peasant blouse and red bodice in good condition.dishevelved grey peasant shirt, worn brown vest with dark patternThreadbare grey tweed jacket, brown wool vest, grey shirt


Bishop cassock with capecardinal's robe with shoulder capewhite surplice over cassockcardinal's robe with shoulder capeplain black cassocknun's habit. Maniquin's face is freaky.


Double breasted military style overcoat. Drab.1940s style nurses uniform. Button down front. Blue with red cross on pocket. White collar and cuffs.bright red dress with short sleeves, peter pan collar.lab coatNavy dress blazer with four gold stripes on cuff18th century uniform doublet. White with blue breast, silver piping, high collar.short waisted blue jacket. gold epaulets, braid.Dark green army blazer with brass buttonsTan field jacket with brass buttons, lettuce pinbright red three quarter length coat with a single row of small buttons. Short blue stand-up collarDouble-breasted SS-style German army overcoat with Nazi armbandblack choral robe

Show Specific Costumes

Alice in Wonderland
Queen of Hearts costume from Alice in Wonderland. Royal cloak, dress, heart motif.

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