Costume Rental Policies

*Western Students: Rentals must be for a class presentation of theatrical production (must be for a Western department, club, or class)

Faculty, Staff, WWU club productions, Alumni, Community: 30 piece limit.

A rental fee will be charged. A discount will be applicable if the production is part of a Western program or is for a class. You may make payment at Western Washington University Student Business Office in person or by mail. Your payment makes this program available.

Payment of the rental fee will be due within ten (10) business days of the rental period start date. Payment of any additional fees will be due within ten (10) days of the rental period end date.

Only the individual who made the appointment, and one assistant, may look through the costume storage. There will be absolutely no trying on of costumes at the storage location. You should bring measurements of your actor(s) with you. In addition, renters are responsible for conducting their own research (i.e. clothing periods etc) prior to visiting the costume storage.

Alterations on all articles are limited to hems, CB & S seams, buttons, trims, etc. No permanent alterations may be done without prior permission of WWU Costume Staff. Safety pins may be used for marking alterations, but may not be left in for performances. No tape of any kind is allowed on costumes.

Costumes are for rent only. We do not sell costumes.

The Costume Rental Program does not rent wigs, hats, shoes, and accessories.

The Costume Rental Program will handle all cleaning of costumes. The fee for cleaning is not included in the rental fee. Which costumes require cleaning will be assessed upon the return of the costumes. The Cleaning Fee schedule will be provided upon request.

It is your responsibility to make an appointment to return your costumes. Return appointments may be scheduled during rental hours. Call (360) 650-6678 or email to make your appointment.

Use your invoice as a checklist prior to your appointment to return the costumes. Putting costumes in order of the invoice expedites the return process and insures a cheerful Costume Staff employee!

Renter assumes all responsibility for loss and/or damage to costumes listed on his/her contract, whether caused by renter or someone to whom the renter loans costumes. Lost items must be replaced or a replacement charge will be assessed. This will be the replacement cost, like kind and quality, not the market value of the item.

Delinquent returns and payments will result in both student and producer (if applicable) losing future loan privileges, and sponsoring Faculty holding student’s grade, until costumes are returned and outstanding balances are paid in full.

WWU will not be held liable for any injury caused to any party while wearing WWU costumes.

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