Dance Advising

The Undergraduate Advisor for Dance is Pam Kuntz. All incoming freshmen and transfers, BA, BFA, and Minor in Dance students should seek advising regarding their general education and major academic requirements.


Each course has certain requirements in order to register known as prerequisites. These are meant to be courses completed before signing up for the next level to guarantee that you know the necessary material to be successful in the class. Sometimes, a prerequisite is simply that there is a required override ("OV") to help manage course population, general assignments, or to make sure other people aren't registering for the course incorrectly.

Each department handles OVs differently, but it is a universal rule in the Dance Program that the faculty teaching the course is responsible for distributing OVs. So if there is a course that requires an OV, please contact the faculty member listed as the instructor to request access to the course. If there is no instructor listed or you are having difficulty contacting the instructor contact Pam Kuntz to get an override.

If you declared prior to Fall 2022 and would like to switch to the new catalog curriculum outlined in this module, please contact Pam Kuntz to change catalog year, or click this link and re-declare under a new year:

Please note, once you declare to later catalog year, you cannot switch back. For example, if you chose to move from the 2019-2020 Catalog to the 2021-2022 Catalog for the Dance Major, you cannot switch back.

If you have questions about which catalog would suite you and your interests best, please contact Pam!

Paperwork for graduation is due 2 quarters before your intended graduation date. So:

  • If you plan on graduating in Spring, paperwork is due at the end of Fall Quarter.
  • If you plan on graduating in Summer, paperwork is due at the end of Winter Quarter.
  • If you plan on graduating in Fall, paperwork is due at the end of Spring Quarter.
  • If you plan on graduating in Winter, paperwork is due at the end of Summer Quarter.

The required paperwork to graduate includes:

  1. A Degree Evaluation that has been approved by all Major and Minor advisors. This is done through DegreeWorks by each individual advisor. Make sure to contact Pam Kuntz to have your Degree Evaluation approved.
  2. A completed Degree Application.

Your DegreeWorks evaluation must be approved by a faculty or staff advisor, indicating that all of your requirements will be completed in the next 2 quarters.

If any of your requirements cannot be completed in the 2 remaining quarters, you will not be able to graduate. It is important to check that all transfer courses or classes that are being waived/substituted have been noted on the DegreeWorks page. If not, the Degree Evaluators will not approve your application for graduation until it has been updated. Make sure to set up a meeting with your advisor to go over any questions or concerns you may have with this.

On the Degree Application, you must address any courses from your DegreeWorks page that are currently in progress or have yet to be fulfilled. Please check Classfinder and meet with your advisor to make sure all of the appropriate courses will be offered and that they will fit in your schedule over the next 2 quarters. For certain requirements like the 180 total credits of 60 upper division, you don't have to specifically list courses if you are waiting to decide what to take. Instead, list in the Electives portion "will take x number of credits to fulfill 180/UD requirement." If you have questions about the degree application, please email Pam Kuntz.