Prospective Student FAQ

How do I audition for the Dance program? Is there an in-person audition I must attend?

No. We are committed to an inclusive approach and recognize that not all students have the financial means to travel for an in-person audition. For this reason, we accept video auditions for acceptance to the Dance major.

How do I begin my Application to the Dance Program?

Visit our Dance Application page, and get started with your application today! You'll need to submit a video of your technique, and Dance majors will also submit a solo.

Can I double major in Dance and another subject at Western?

Yes, you can major in Dance and another subject. Our program supports you in developing a unique college experience tailored to your interests.

What is the difference is between the BA degree and the BFA degree?

Bachelor of Arts ("BA") degree

The BA degree in Dance offers comprehensive training in contemporary, hip-hop, and ballet styles, choreography, dance science, somatics, dance history, arts activism, and pedagogy. The B.A. allows students to tailor their course work to further their individual interests and is designed to prepare students for a variety of dance-related careers after college. This degree is constructed for students wishing to double-major in dance and another discipline.

Bachelor of Fine Arts ("BFA") degree

The BFA degree in Dance is a selective program that supports exceptional students interested in pursuing a professional career as a performer or choreographer. BFA students engage in numerous creative opportunities related to dance making and performing including working with guest artists and interdisciplinary collaborations. Coursework includes advanced study of contemporary technique, dance science, somatics, dance history, arts activism and pedagogy.

I’m a transfer student. How do I apply to Dance?

Transfer students should follow the same application process.