ACTION!! Performance Festival

Charlene Vickers and Cathy Busby, Hands Across The Sky, 2016, performance still with paper megaphones, blankets, blanket banners, woven rug, monotron synthesizer, kaosillator pad synthesizer, walkman, Red Bull, Pow Wow cassette, handmade shakers

ACTION!! Performance Festival

Saturday, May 20, 2017 - 12:00pm


Open to All at No Cost

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Ed Bereal
Andrew Brown
Cathy Busby and Charlene Vickers
Kristina Lee Podesva  

Presented in conjunction with Back2Bellingham and occurring over the course of a single Saturday, ACTION!! is a festival of performance based works by local artists whose actions will reach directly out to the campus community to express their politically charged world views.

Performance has an immediacy and power which suits politically motivated art work. Siting amongst the Outdoor Sculpture Collection of Western Washington, these artist actions will interact with the sculptures to realize dynamic situations, charged with their critical content.


1 p.m. - Kristina Lee Podesva - Plato’s Cave, Lilith’s Cave - @ Bruce Nauman, Stadium Piece

Plato’s Cave, Lilith’s Cave presents a dramatic staging of a text, by the same name, which reimagines Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” as a conversation between two women: Lilith and Eve. Sited at Bruce Nauman’s Stadium Piece, the performance will be an open air performance, free to the public. In trying to make sense of the current political and social climate in the U.S., Plato’s Cave, Lilith’s Cave mines Antiquity for some of the values and concepts we have inherited and detours them significantly, asking us to consider the possibility of something other, something better than what we have.
Robert Morris, Steamwork for Bellingham, 1971

2 p.m. – Andrew Brown – @ Robert Morris, Untitled (Steamwork for Bellingham)

The performance will draw on Brown’s experience of Robert Morris’s Untitled (Steamwork for Bellingham). For Andrew, themes of expectation, anticipation, and waiting are embedded in the tension between what we control and what we must wait for. The performance will take the audience through the politics of control in our contemporary political climate through the lens of the artist's own research with LGBTQ refugees. By waiting for the steam to arrive at Untitled, it is Brown’s hope that we can consider the politics of waiting, expectation, and control in our own political lives and in bringing about a vision for a better world.

3 p.m. Outdoor Sculpture Tour  

Charlene Vickers and Cathy Busby, Hands Across The Sky, 2016, performance still with paper megaphones, blankets, blanket banners, woven rug, monotron synthesizer, kaosillator pad synthesizer, walkman, Red Bull, Pow Wow cassette, handmade shakers

4 p.m. - Cathy Busby and Charlene Vickers - Synthesizing Sound and Protection at Curve/Diagonal - @ Robert Maki, Curve/Diagonal

“Our performance work is in support of Indigenous sovereignty and protection of lands and waters throughout Turtle Island.” 
Incorporating sound both digital, bodily and recorded the performance will address water and land protection at the sculpture Curve/Diagonal by Robert Maki. Busby and Vickers will activate the site working with and riffing off the sculpture to resound bodily and land presence. Using a culmination of synthesizers, spoken words, hollering, hidden messages, surprises and props the artists will make a call to the audience as an emancipatory strategy, engaging them in their protest.

5 p.m. – Ed Bereal Pull Your Coat – @ Haggard Hall 135

Growing out of experiments evolved with students at UC Riverside in the 70s, WWU Emeritus Professor Ed Bereal and his ‘Bodacious Buggerilla’ gang produced radical street theater to actively confront racial stereotypes. By the late 1980s the group morphed into Bodacious TV Works, a three-color-camera studio, and produced a satirical game show called “Pull Your Coat,”. Made as a proverbial trojan horse, they comically disseminated information that the media wouldn’t otherwise broadcast, using exaggerated stereotypes to parody the racist and classist conditions of the Reagan era. It was on national television for ten days, and then the management went, “Hey, shut that shit down.” This screening of the revolutionary TV sketch comedy Pull Your Coat, will be introduced by WWU Professor Damani Johnson, PhD., Political Science.


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