Electroacoustic Composers of Western Art/Dance/Music collab at Make.Shift

Time and Location

Performances, multimedia, and surround playback of experimental electronic music featuring:

Composers and musicians

Matthew Coon, Genevieve Croy, Adam Greenberg, Jack Hines, Griffin Hutchings, Sum Yee Lee, Colin Mach, Mallory Watson


Antonia Mejia Wolf, Gage White, Adeline Thomas, Max Marsh, Jennifer Garcia-Tovar, Steph Lasater, Miles Coleman, Julia Vreeman, Jude Klemmeck, Olivia Lee, Chandler Henderson, Brian Mann, Joel Peterson, Grace Wark, Indigo Lahtinen, Jada Kleinman, Alia Masonsmith, Lindsey Ha, Ava Wadleigh


Paige Pimmel, Kateri Jefferson-Ayosa, Taylor Mace, Kelsey Martin, Emily Knight, Lindsey Flanagan, Louise Greer, Taylar Christianson and Lyla Haas and Jordan Trautwein, CJ King, Zach Ruble, Emma Johnson, Tessa Haas

Disability Accommodations

For disability accommodations, please contact the department presenting the event. Disability access information is available online at Parking Services, and further resources can be found by contacting Western's Disability Access Center.