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Jessica Bloom and Dylan Vogel: Artist lecture

Thursday, April 20, 2017 - 5:30pm


Open to All at No Cost

Dakota Gallery is pleased to present a free lecture by Western Washington University BFA candidates Jessica Bloom and Dylan Vogel on Thursday, April 20 at 5:30 p.m. They will be discussing the process and concepts behind their exhibition Image.Error, currently installed in the gallery. The public will have a chance to walk through/view the exhibition and ask the artists questions about their work.

Dakota Gallery's artist lectures are free and open to the public. All who attend will receive a $5 off coupon for supplies at Dakota Art Store - Bellingham, located next door to the gallery. Seating will be available, and the gallery is wheelchair accessible. Downtown street parking is free after 5 pm.

Exhibition runs April 7-29


Utilizing both physical and digital processes, these works operate within the context of photographic subversion. Fabrications performed in excess displace authenticities known or assumed in image making. Execution with purposeful error results in a high degree of visual modification that ranges from evident to ambiguous in the forms that follow. These newly constructed images expose themes of subjects and environments as manufactured truths.

"Through the use of new and outdated technology, I push the boundaries of the photographic medium. Deconstructing the photograph physically as well as theoretically; I question what it is and its significance through experimental processes. In the current digital age, we take in hundreds of images every day. Less and less time is spent focusing on individual photographs, and the relationship we hold to them is changed drastically. A desensitization develops as we glance and swipe to see what is next.

In my work I embrace the tangibility of a photograph through a physical approach as opposed to digital. I manipulate the surface of Polaroid film during its development with techniques such as mark-making, bending and folding. Breaking away from conventional photographic technique and subject matter, I embrace ideas of spontaneity and improvisation while completely abstracting the subject that was once there. A bridge is created between processes when printing these Polaroid images. As objects transform into digital forms and then into new objects, a distinctly physical experience of play between digital and analog technologies occurs. This final form becomes an abstracted image that forces the viewer to slow down and spend time reinvesting in what once was a highly process-oriented medium."

-Jessica Bloom

"Of particular interest to me is the construction of the built environment. Architecture, form, material, and plan coalesce within the city creating structure and providing the visual form with which we use to define place and identity. In creation, these components are especially susceptible to the forces of economic shift, municipal politicking and environmental impact. Architecture exists as the formation of multiple, often conflicting ideals. It’s relative permanence in the face of time lends the built environment additional significance as a means of implementing a lasting order. These architectural forms create an aestheticized visual landscape of masses and remains that do not easily react to change. This delay in response creates an environment of contrast, sharply juxtaposing the notion of place, the past and history against the ideals of progressivism, futurism, and utopia.

The 'Possibauen' serves as a possible construction. Photographs of local material, facades, and walls are used in the creation of new buildings. These buildings’ form- influenced by the adjacent architecture, and expanded to the the point of a threatening absurdity serve as a hyperbolistic example of architectural excess. The built environment, in its dominance of space has created a landscape of undifferentiated monoliths that hold no real relevance without a signified referent. The role of a 'Possibauen' is to perpetuate the existing mode of construction, their sublime appearance tests our tolerance of an overbuilt manufactured world."

-Dylan Vogel

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