Nature in Monchrome: Works by Jackson Sweeney and Jazmin Triplett

Time and Location

Works by art majors Jackson Sweeney and Jazmin Triplett are on display in the Academic Advising Center on the third floor of Old Main at Western Washington University. The art will be exhibited during regular business hours, Monday through Firday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., through March 13.

The exhibition, “Nature in Monochrome,” features drawings and photographs of landscapes and wildlife. Sweeney observes that the absence of any technology creates a timeless effect “bringing attention purely to my subjects and the beauty of the landscape.”

Triplett’s charcoal drawings reflect a portrait style more typical of human subjects, “to showcase the beauty of some of Earth’s creatures. The portraits are meant to remind us that every living being has a soul, a life, just like us.”

The Academic Advising Center Student Art Gallery rotates on a quarterly basis and selected by a committee of staff members. There is hanging space for four to six two-dimensional works. Submission requires images of work and a short artist statement. Email Karen Schreuder if you have any questions about exhibiting work in the AAC Student Art Gallery.


Top: Beginnings by Jazmin Triplett

Below: Eagle's Nest by Jackson Sweeney

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Disability Accommodations

For disability accommodations, please contact the department presenting the event. Disability access information is available online at Parking Services, and further resources can be found on Western's Disability Resources website.