New Works Play Reading: The Medea Complex

Open to all at no cost

Time and Location

2020, Nov 19

by Patricia Crespín


In a cold, dank interview room in a prison in Texas, Medéa, a young Mexican Immigrant woman, is to be executed in the morning, after spending years on death row for committing four unspeakable murders. She never revealed the truth at her trial about her violent crimes and Gilberto, a Latino journalist Medéa hand picks to interview her, demands to know the reasons for them. How could a mother drown her own daughters? Why did she butcher the state’s most beloved Senator and his daughter? Are the stories true that she also killed Jason, the father of her children? Can anything justify her crimes? As Medéa’s story unfolds, Gilberto is drawn into an ominous tale of the past, wondering all the while if he can believe her incredulous account. And now that Medéa has poured her heart out to Gilberto, can she rely on him to tell her story to the world and give her the peace she so desperately seeks?

Guest Artist Bios

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Patricia Crespin - Playwright, The Medea Complex

Patricia Crespín is a writer, actor, director, producer, and has never been accused of tedious storylines. She is the founder of Wize Latina Productions, her company dedicated to creating powerful roles in theatre and film for the underrepresented, yet unique Latina. She is a fellowship recipient from the University of New Mexico’s Center for Regional Studies. Her plays include We are Hispanic, American Women…Okay? (2006), Confessions of a Hispanic American Woman (2007), The Medea Complex  (2008), The Three Señorita Pigletitas y el Diablo the Wolf (2008), Living Purgatory (2009), El Corrido de Jórge-George’s Song (2010), The Sad Room (2012), and Fallout, (2017).  Patricia has had the incredible opportunity to work with many intrepid theatre companies and directors, including Valli Rivera from Puerto Rico who directed The Medea Complex, and Michael Goldfried from New York who directed Living Purgatory, both in UNM’s Words a Fire Festival.  The Breath of Fire Theatre Ensemble from Santa Ana, CA produced The Medea Complex in 2009, and the National Hispanic Cultural Center and Teatro Paraguas both produced The Medea Complex in 2012.  Patricia started her film career after her play, We are Hispanic, American Women…Okay? was optioned by Yellow Hat Productions in the Summer of 2009.  Patricia co-wrote and co-produced the movie which became a Universal Studios film in 2012 titled Before We Say Goodbye. She has written two short films, Michelle, (2013) which was a finalist in the 48-hour horror film festival, and Land of Heirs, (2016) which premiered at NMHU’s film studies department and has evolved into a horror series about Latino cultural urban legends.  Patricia has a B.A. from New Mexico Highlands University and an M.F.A from the University of New Mexico.  She lives in Las Vegas, NM, where she continues to explore and elucidate the often, complicated construction of the Latino culture in New Mexico, through theatre, storywriting, and film, using risqué narratives seeped in the history of the breathtaking land, and it’s quixotic people.

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Diego Alvárez Robledo - Director, The Medea Complex

He is a writer, stage director, musician, sound, and lighting designer living and working in Mexico City. His art is focused on the study of human behavior and the impact our development’s had in both societies and nature. He’s written and directed more than 20 plays in different styles and genres such as realism, science fiction, musical theatre, documentary theatre, and surrealism. His body of work explores themes such as global warming, migration, social justice, scientific disclosure, human relations, and death. His plays have been published by some of the most publishing houses in Mexico: Tierra Adentro, El Milagro, Paso de Gato, and Red Escénica Magazine in Madrid, Spain. His shows have been produced with funds from some of the most important cultural institutions in Mexico such as the National Institute of Fine Arts (Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes), the National Theatre Company (Compañía Nacional de Teatro), the International Cervantino Festival (Festival Internacional Cervantino) and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Teatro UNAM). His shows have toured in North and South America, Europe and Asia, in countries such as Costa Rica, Colombia, the United States, Singapore, and Spain.

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