Orpheus in the Underworld

Open to all at no cost
  • Parental guidance suggested
  • Strobe lights are used in this production

Orpheus in the Underworld
(Jeremy Sams Translation)

Western Washington University’s Opera Studio presents Jacques Offenbach’s satirical take on the famous Greek legend of Orpheus—the god of music—and his wife Eurydice. The classic myth tells the tale of a bereaved Orpheus who travels to the underworld to retrieve his beloved wife. In Offenbach’s telling, however, Orpheus can’t stand Eurydice, but is bullied by “Public Opinion” (the head camp counselor) to journey to hell to rescue her, encountering a cast of zany characters along the way. Jeremy Sams’ modern translation gives the opera a contemporary spin, made even more uproarious by its setting at a summer music camp where the counselors are presenting the annual camp play, this year during COVID. Laughs, lampoonery, and lively music abound!

By arrangement with Boosey & Hawkes, Inc., Agent in the USA for Josef Weinberger, Ltd., London, publisher and copyright owner.

A person in a multicolored wig looks up with arms out in a gesture of delightful presentation. Behind them another person watches from a stage lit up with string lights.
A person with horn instrument dangling from a string around their neck posing with one hand on a thrust out hip, and the back of the other hand against their head. Four onlookers stand on a string-lit stage in the background.
A person on stage holding a sign that reads "To Arms, To War!". Behind, people shout and wave flags.

Photography by Rachel Bayne


Sophie Finstad

Public Opinion: guardian of morality  

Genevieve Hurlocker

Eurydice: wife of Orpheus 

Ethyn McLaughlin

Orpheus: a musician 

Andrew Garratt

Pluto (disguised as Aristaeus): god of death, brother of Jupiter 

Adam Freemantle

Mars: god of war

John Styx: ghost of the King of the Beotians   

Allie Orozco

Venus: goddess of love 

Olivia Sutherland

Cupid: god of love, son of Venus  

Johnathon Lyons

Jupiter: king of the gods  

Katy Oettel

Juno: queen of the gods, Jupiter’s wife 

Mia Shami

Diana: goddess of the moon and hunting, Jupiter’s daughter 

Mia Falcone

Hebe: goddess of youth, Jupiter’s daughter 

Brooke Beals

Minerva: goddess of wisdom, Jupiter’s daughter 

Aidyn Stevens

Cybele: goddess of nature           

Sean Diamond

Mercury: messenger of the gods

Miranda Loupas


Production Team

Artistic & Stage Director, Heather Dudenbostel  

Music Director & Pianist, Mark Davies  

Stage Manager, Light Board Operator, & Subtitle transcription, Shachaf Zahavy-Mittelman 

Assistant Director & Camp Counselor Intro Producer, Paden Koltiska  

Assistant Music Director & Audio Operator, Nia Pristas  

Costume Designer, Aidyn Stevens  

Production Manager & Lighting Designer, Savannah LeCornu  

Audio Producer & Recording Studio Manager, Nicholas Hastings  

Video Producer & Live Stream Coordinator, Quin Wilder  

Publicity Art Design, Delisle Merrill  

Special Thanks

Patrick Roulet  

Heather Dalberg 

Lee Anne Frahn  

Mark Kuntz 

Marc Mixon  

David Saxton  

Fred Ramage

Justene Merriman

Chris Casquilho  

Gretchen Rumsey-Richardson   

Jeffrey Gilliam  

Milica Jovanovic

Jay Rozendaal

Greg Otterholt  

Ryan Dudenbostel  

Actors posing together on-stage. Stage props include bunk beds, a bench, a boat steering wheel and paddles.

Disability Accommodations

For disability accommodations, please contact the department presenting the event. Disability access information is available online at Parking Services, and further resources can be found by contacting Western's Disability Access Center.