Ragfinery and Social Fabric

Open to all at no cost

Time and Location

2017, Nov 02

Ragfinery is a nonprofit training business and textile reuse center in Bellingham. They collect unwanted garments and textiles and determine creative reuse value to keep them out of landfills. Manager Shan Sparling will talk about Ragfinery and the important role that textile recycling/reuse can play in the community and for the world.
 Social Fabric is a boutique, textile gallery and learning facility where all kinds of classes involving fashion design, textile arts processes, and creative projects are taught. It's also a place where people of the "textile-mind" can meet, learn, and celebrate the textile art form. Renee Sherrer, owner of Social Fabric, Fashion Designer and Textile artist, will talk about taking your art form (in her case, textiles) and finding a way to make a living.

Part of the Coded Threads exhibition.

Disability Accommodations

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