Saxophone Stomp

Time and Location

Thu, Jun 10 at 4:00 pm PDT Virtual Experience

Dance students and guest artists from across the country have collaborated with Fred Winkler's Saxophone Studio performance.

WWU Dance students Rio Fukuoka, Linda Ost, Morgan Mitchell, and Julia Brown are part of the virtual concert; as well as guest artists Emma Harvey and Charlotte Stickles of Bellingham Repertory Dance; Emily Morgan, Colorado State University Dance Faculty, Adele Nickel, Sam Houston State Dance Faculty, and Susan Haines, WWU Director of Dance.

Watch livestreaming on June 10 at 4 p.m.


  • Jordan Marbach
  • Matthew Avery
  • Jace Shelton
  • Chet Przybysz
  • Alex Spoon
  • Enoc Martinez
  • Chloe Montoya
  • Carlos DeBorst
  • Adam Sorg
  • Kyle Wisner
  • Ben Medranda Lentz
  • Kiersten Hines

Disability Accommodations

For disability accommodations, please contact the department presenting the event. Disability access information is available online at Parking Services, and further resources can be found by contacting Western's Disability Access Center.