WWU Symphonic Band

Love, war, ambition, celebration, power, spirit, resolve

Concert Program


Julie Giroux

A depiction of warlord Genghis Khan and his horseback army on the move to decimate a serene village. A brisk tempo with energetic rhythms and percussion which drives the music forward. Dynamic contrasts throughout the piece contribute to an emotional turbulence.


John Mackey

An energetic opening melody cycles through several repetitions before washing away into a gentle stream of percussive eighth notes. From here, a countermelody emerges that slowly ratchets the energy back up to its original level, where the initial melody returns to round out the explosive conclusion.

Halcyon Hearts

Katahj Copley

A warm and colorful piece depicting peace and happiness. It symbolizes the unexpected journey to find love, with sounds of ambition and passion throughout the work.


Jan Van der Roost

The Puszta is the name of a vast prairie in Hungary, where gypsies often roam with their wild horses. In typical gypsy style, composer Jan Van de Roost wrote this original composition in 1988 that describes the temperamental, melancholic and flamboyant moods of the nomadic gypsies of eastern Hungary. Written in four movements, subtitled Four Gypsy Dances, the exciting music of Puszta is bright, colorful and intriguing.

- Program note from Lake Oswego Millennium Concert Band

Salvation is Created

Pavel Tchesnikoff

One of the last sacred works Pavel composed before he was forced to turn to secular compositions by the Soviet government. It is a communion hymn based on a chant from Kiev and Psalm 74 (73 in the Greek version): "Salvation is made in the midst of the earth, O God Alleluia".


Frank Ticheli

Grand angular fanfares and forceful melodies give the listener a sense of the power and resolve that a view of Fort Monroe can invoke. This is a colorful piece with twists of harmony, sure to lift the spirits of the listener.

Disability Accommodations

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