Commissary Dance Studio B


Dance is housed in the newly refurbished Commissary at the south end of campus, re-designed exclusively for the Dance Program in fall 2013.  Included are two large brightly-lit studios:  1750 (Studio B) square feet and 1150 (Studio A) square feet.  Each studio features a sprung dance floor with a marley surface, multiple full-length studio quality mirrors, complement of barres, piano, and acoustical panels.   A separate conditioning room features reformers and springboards for private coaching.  Our student lounge area is equipped with comfortable furniture, a refrigerator for student use and a large floor space for stretching.  A shower is available in the women's restroom.

Studio B is at the end of the hall, directly across from the building entrance.

Photograph Only
Dance studio B in the Commissary Building


516 High Street, Bellingham, Washington, 98225