College of Fine & Performing Arts


Programs of Study

The Music Department at Western is proud to offer an individualized education which is centered on a community of collaboration and support where all are welcome and encouraged to learn, explore and create in a positive nurturing environment. See below for frequently asked questions, and contact our Program Coordinator and Undergraduate Advisor with any questions or concerns.


We offer one general and four professional undergraduate programs leading to a baccalaureate degree in music. We also offer two minors that focus on general music and jazz studies. Students interested in the Jazz Studies minor must concurrently complete a major in music. The Arts Enterprise & Cultural Innovation minor is available to all students within the College of Fine and Performing Arts.  Please visit the University Catalog for more information.

Program Level Type of Degree Concentration/Focus
Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts Music, General
Undergraduate Bachelor of Music Performance
Undergraduate Bachelor of Music Composition
Undergraduate Bachelor of Music Music Education P-12
Undergraduate Bachelor of Music History & Literature
Undergraduate Minor Music, General
Undergraduate Minor Jazz Studies
Graduate Master of Music Various Concentrations

General Information


Unlike most programs at Western, there are no course prerequisites needed to begin a major or minor in music. Instead, students must complete an entrance audition on their primary instrument or voice as a prerequisite to all coursework and declaration. Students cannot enroll in core music courses without first being accepted to the program through an entrance audition. Please visit our University Catalog for more information regarding core music coursework and requirements. 

Auditions and Scholarships

Major and Minor

Entrance Auditions for music major and minor consideration are held each year on primary audition dates in January, February, and March. Students who complete an audition during our primary audition dates are automatically eligible for music scholarships. Students who request an audition after our primary audition dates are no longer eligible for scholarships and are considered on a space-available basis. Please visit our auditions page for further information regarding requirements and audition dates.

Non-Music Major/Minor

Non-Music Major/Minors are eligible for scholarships through the completion of an Entrance Audition during primary audition dates. Auditions requested after primary audition dates are for major and minor consideration only. A student who has missed our primary audition dates may complete an audition the following year for scholarship consideration. 

Waitlist Policy

The Department of Music reserved the right to prioritize students on any class waitlist based on graduation date or program. 

two students playing music, viewed from behind, seated. One holds a flute.