Lee Anne Frahn

Program Coordinator
Undergraduate Advisor

Dr. Bertil van Boer

Professor of Music
Graduate Coordinator

Dr. Patricia Bourne

Associate Professor
Coordinator of Music Education


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Undergraduate Majors and Minor
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Transfer Credit & Course Placement

Prior to enrolling in music courses, all students who have completed at least one quarter of college theory, aural skills, or keyboard skills will take a Theory Placement Examination, an Aural Skills Placement Examination, and a Keyboard Skills Examination. Tests are typically administered at WWU during the week before classes begin for fall quarter.

Students should be advised that they are not guaranteed to enter at their expected level. Students must complete the entire two year sequence as a pre-requisite to all upper division courses.

All credit received in theory, aural skills, and keyboard skills previously at other institutions will be transferred at the level for which it was earned and may apply toward fulfillment of the requirements for the major in music or in music education. Students may repeat theory and/or aural skills/keyboard skills courses previously taken elsewhere.

If you have questions regarding Western's Music admissions process, please contact the undergraduate advisor for the Department of Music.

Waitlist Policy

The Department of Music reserves the right to prioritize students on any class wait list based on graduation date or program. If you have been waitlisted for a class and are concerned about its effects on your potential graduation date, please contact the program coodinator.