Covid-19 Information and Resources

On this page, you will find the COVID information and resources for the Department of Music. Those that are looking for WWU campus COVID information should visit Western's Coronavirus Information site.

Vaccination Policy and Testing

Spring 2022 Vaccination Policy

In spring 2022, all students must be vaccinated to participate in face-to-face in the following courses. Please note, some classes may not be able to accommodate online learning.

Unvaccinated music majors that are unable to complete requirements before graduation due to this policy will be able to work with the department for accommodation or waiver.

Vaccination Policy Courses:

  • All large, small, and chamber ensembles, including jazz, vocal jazz, western voices, and New Music Ensemble
  • All applied lessons, including jazz lessons and composition lessons
  • Piano Accompanying (MUS 276 and 476)
  • Opera Workshop and Opera Production (MUS 278 and 478)
  • Advanced Choral Conducting (MUS 354A)
  • Music Education Practicum (MUS 469)
  • Intro to Voice Studies B (MUS 166B)
  • Secondary Choral Methods (MUS 463)

Approved Vaccine Exemptions

Students with an approved medical or religious exemption should submit the Spring 2022 Music Vaccination Policy Accommodations form. 

Applied lessons will be offered in a hybrid format. Vaccinated students will meet face-to-face with their applied instructor, and those with approved medical or religious waivers will meet remotely via zoom. We may provide accommodation for non-vaccinated students to meet in person on a case-by-case basis if the circumstance jeopardizes the essential qualities of the course for teaching and learning.

Vaccine Status Privacy

Students within the Department of Music will have a serious and valid reason for not obtaining the vaccine. These choices are very personal and confidential. Please help us maintain privacy by not discussing vaccine choices openly and not assuming vaccination status. There are many reasons current students may be taking classes remotely.

COVID Testing

The Department of Music encourages its students to get tested throughout the quarter or before a performance. Students with a vaccine waiver must be tested regularly.

Western students can get free COVID tests through the Student Health Center, even if they are not experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to COVID. Schedule an appointment

Report your positive case from an off-campus testing center through a direct message via your patient portal. 

Masking and Bell Covers

Due to the high transmission rate of the Omicron variant and the increase in cases, the Department of Music will remain masked in most circumstances through the end of the winter quarter. 

Review the WWU COVID website for university masking policies. 

Classrooms and Rehearsal Space

Masks are required during all in-person courses unless otherwise told. Classroom space may be used as a rehearsal space for soloists and groups. When used as rehearsal space, please follow the rehearsal space protocols.

A student may practice alone without a mask in regular and piano practice rooms. If another student joins, all students must wear a mask and bell cover. Students are not encouraged to rehearse together in a small proximity.

Students may use classrooms to rehearse. A student may remove their mask and/or bell cover when alone in a rehearsal space. If another person enters that space, a mask and bell cover must be replaced. 




  • Strings and percussion students must wear masks at all times.  
  • Wind and brass wear masks while they are not actively playing their instruments. Bell covers are required for wind and brass instruments.


  • Strings and percussion students must wear masks at all times.
  • Wind and brass wear masks while they are not actively playing their instruments. Bell covers may be required depending on the conditions.


All singers, directors, and collaborative pianists must wear a mask. 


All singers, directors, and collaborative pianists must wear a mask. 


A brass, voice, or woodwind student may complete an accompanied performance unmasked and/or without a bell cover with the permission of their student accompanist, other students, and instructor. The student pianist must remain masked along with all other students and faculty members.

All other instruments must remain masked during accompaniment performances. 

The masking policy for recitals has not been decided yet. We will post this information as soon as possible.

Applied Lessons

Masks and/or bell covers are required for all private lessons.

Masks and/or bell covers are required for all studio classes.


Students will enter the stage/room wearing a mask and remove prior to performing. The student will perform unmasked. This includes brass and woodwind students. Faculty adjudicating the performance will be masked.  


Students will enter the stage/room wearing a mask and remove prior to performing. The student will perform unmasked. Faculty adjudicating the performance will be masked. 

Voice and Opera

Masks and/or bell covers are required for all coachings.

Opera Staging Rehearsals

All students, directors, stage techs, and collaborative pianists will remain masked in winter quarter rehearsals. One full run-through unmasked in week 10 is approved. In the Spring quarter students will have the option to remove their masks while rehearsing and will be unmasked for final run-throughs and dress rehearsals in preparation performances on Thursday, April 21st through Sunday, April 24th.   


Opera scenes performances will be masked.

The main opera production is approved to have unmasked performances. This policy is subject to change contingent on university and health department recommendations and requirements.  

Rehearsal Rooms and Remote Learning

Rehearsal Rooms

PAC classroom and performance spaces are open to music students and clubs for rehearsals and practice! Please visit the Current Music Student website for more information.


The Department of Music does not regularly schedule ventilation slots between courses. However, students should be aware that some ventilation breaks may be scheduled and should check the room card before rehearsing in an empty space. 

Concert and Recitals

Audience Size Restrictions

At this time, there are no audience size restrictions for our concerts and recitals. 

Vaccination or COVID Test Policy

Visitors are allowed on Western's campuses. All visitors on Western's campuses must follow current masking requirements and any health/safety signage posted. 

Every audience member is considered a "sponsored" visitor and must show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test within 72 hrs of the event.

Please visit the COVID Recover Page for more information.

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact the Program Coordinator, Lee Anne Frahn if you have any questions or concerns.

Looking for more information?

If you have any questions, we're happy to find you an answer. Call the Music Department Office 360-650-3130, or view the directory of faculty and staff.