What is MUS 099?

It is the NASM required concert attendance course. All music majors are required to attend 8 approved concerts per quarter to fulfill this requirement. Failure to fulfill this requirement is failure to fulfill one of the core requirements to complete a degree in music.

How do I register for MUS 099?

The "class" is major restricted, so if you’ve declared your major you can register online just like any other required music class.

Which concerts may I attend for this course?

Any Music Department concert or recital (including student recitals, faculty recitals, and major and minor ensemble performances – almost all are free and unticketed). Any ticketed Music Department-sponsored concert at the Performing Arts Center (e.g. a Sanford-Hill Piano Series concert) are also allowed. Attending classical concerts at other venues is also permitted (e.g. Mt. Baker Theatre events, Seattle Symphony Orchestra, etc).

If you have questions about whether a concert is appropriate, please ask the department advisor.

How do I find out when university concerts/recitals are scheduled?

See the Music Department Calendar. This page will link to the upcoming events, describe who/what is performing, the date, time, and venue. It will also note which events are ticketed (e.g. Sanford Hill Piano Series) and which events are not ticketed. You can also subscribe to this calendar using the orange button on the bottom of the calendar page if you use Google calendar or a similar application. Additionally, copies of the calendar of events will be in the Music Office, PAC 273 (though those will not be posted until the second week of classes and will be subject to revision). Flyers for upcoming events will also be posted in the PAC lobby.

How is it graded?

Music majors who completed the requirement for MUS 099 will receive an 'NX' for the class. If programs are not turned in by deadline specified for the quarter by the undergraduate advisor, the class will be removed from their academic history and they will have failed to complete the requirement.

Why don’t I see MUS 099 on my transcript?

It will be on your academic history – not your transcript. Remember: to earn a music degree you must fulfill the MUS 099 requirements each quarter.

What do I have to do to receive a grade?

Each music major must submit a minimum of eight approved concert programs and/or ticket stubs verifying the concert attendance requirement. These programs must be labeled with student name and W number and turned into the department advisor in PA 263 no later than Wednesday afternoon of finals week each quarter.

Do music minors have to register for MUS 099?

No. Only music majors.