College of Fine & Performing Arts

Music Minor

The Music minor consists of a basic core of study in music theory along with ensemble performance, an introduction to music history, and optional private instruction. The minor allows for individual preferences in intensifying studies in certain aspects of music and broadening the scope of academic pursuits while focusing on a major in a different field.

Why Consider a Music Minor?

This program is designed for the liberal arts student who has an interest in a higher level of music education but may wish to complete a major in another field. Students in the music Minor program frequently complete studies in such fields as Theatre, Business, Journalism, Mathematics or one of the languages.

Declaration Process

All students interested in becoming a minor must complete an entrance audition on their primary instrument or voice. Please visit our auditions page for further information regarding requirements and primary audition dates. Once admitted to the music program, incoming freshman are required to attend summerstart or fall advising where they will receive specific music advising and register for classes. Transfer students are strongly encouraged, but not required to attend their summer orientation, transitions. If a transfer student chooses not to attend transitions, they must contact Lee Anne Frahn to schedule an in person or phone advising session prior to the start of term.

Curriculum and Courses   

The music minor is designed around the first year of our core curriculum in theory, aural skills and keyboarding. Students can complete this core curriculum in one year and may complete the additional elective credits concurrently or in separate years. Students who audition for the minor must commit to registering for theory, aural skills and keyboarding each quarter for one full academic year to complete the core sequence. Students will not be permitted to take these courses in separate years or out of sequence. Please note: This does not apply to all students and is dependent on each student’s incoming status, eligibility for placement exams, and academic progress within the department.

Please visit the WWU Catalog for more information regarding curriculum and required courses.