Music Department Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded to incoming students based on the following factors: demonstrated skill-level in an applied audition on an instrument or voice; academic achievement and professionalism; departmental needs; total number of applicants on instrument, in area, or in department; financial need; and award availability. Scholarships are generally awarded for one academic year, but four-year scholarships are sometimes awarded, and returning students are also eligible to receive scholarships.

Students of any major are eligible for scholarships; the only criteria for eligibility are an applied audition, participation in a major ensemble (orchestra, band, or choir), and registration in private instrumental/voice lessons through the university.

Scholarships are also awarded for participation in certain select ensembles, such as the Scholarship String Quartet, Western Voices, Western Brass, and the Western Wind Quintet.

The Western Washington University Department is proud to support to support its students financially thanks to the generous donations of the following scholarship funds:

  • William D. Cole Scholarship
  • Arthur C. Hicks Piano Scholarship
  • Ford Hill Piano Scholarship
  • Albert C. Shaw Music Education Scholarship
  • Virginia Hunter Voice Scholarship
  • L. Mildred Hurd Memorial Scholarship
  • Rhoda Carrick Keagle Music Scholarship
  • Music Merit Department Scholarship
  • Ada and Don Walter Endowment Fund
  • Dorothy Kirk Westman Scholarship in Music
  • Dee Bergholz Music Scholarship
  • Dr. Willard A. and Anne W. Brown Music Endowment
  • Frances Jean Miller Endowment
  • Woodwind Endowment
  • Wilhite Family Music Scholarship
  • Brass Performance Scholarship Endowment
  • Gregory Cox Music Scholarship
  • Gene Zoro Clarinet Scholarship Endowment
  • Peter A. Botting Scholarship
  • William Sanford Piano Scholarship
  • String Scholarship
  • Christopher Bianco Music Scholarship
  • Music Department Scholarship
  • Murray Music Scholarship
  • Terry Clark Music Scholarship