New Works Play Reading Series

footprints on a snowy road appears between theatre curtains

New Works Play Reading Series

Staged readings of 10 works by new voices.

About this season

This season starts off with nighly  premieres of six student works. Next, playwright/musician/actor Brian Quijada puts on a one-man show. The season ends with two plays that follow a theme of youth in struggle. Dry Land by Ruby Rae Spiegel explores the lives of two high school girls. They are struggling with body issues and a pregnancy. Hurt Village by Katori Hall is set in Memphis Tennessee. This play explores the street life of young black men and women.

Last season overview

The Fall series followed a theme of women breaking through adversity. All four plays were inspired by real experiences.

Paper Dream

Told a story of aristocratic Chinese immigrants finding themselves trapped like prisoners in the "land of freedom". A haunting period drama that reckons with the spectre of nationalism still stalking immigrants at America’s borders.

27 Ways to Say Goodbye 

Centered on a single mother of a teenager. It expressed her and her family's struggles triggered by her dad's death. This play addressed universal messages of loss, and overcoming loss.

The Medea Complex

Unraveled the mysteries behind the crimes committed by a Mexican Immigrant woman who is to be executed. Medea only wants to tell her story and seek peace.

Emme and the Taking of the Woods

Starred a precocious, intelligent nine-year old who likens theirself to heroes. Emme answers a call for help in the woods, meets an assortment of companions, and comes to learn that even the best heroes sometimes roll a critical failure.