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Choose among nine different courses - three credits each. Many of our online Music courses fulfill WWU GUR requirements.

  • MUS 104: The Art of Listening to Music, HUM GUR  
  • MUS 105: Survey of Popular and Rock Music, HUM GUR
  • MUS 106: Intro to Hip-Hop, HUM    
  • MUS 107: Introduction to Country Music, HUM GUR
  • MUS 108: Survey of Video Game Music, HUM GUR
  • MUS 197G: Iconic Music in Iconic Films        
  • MUS 202: Jazz: Genesis & Evolution, HUM GUR
  • MUS 205: Survey of World Musical Cultures, ACGM GUR
  • MUS 397C: Survey of Music, Tech, Computers


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Oct 17, 2019 5:24am