Justene Merriman is pronounced Jus-teen Mer-ri-man. Image removed.Hear the pronunciation

I produce visual communications for the college and its departments, ensuring that the achievements of our faculty, staff and students are represented in a high quality, consistent, and inclusive way. My work can be found throughout campus, Bellingham, and beyond.

Once upon a time

As a Bellingham native from a blended family, I simultaneously grew up on a floral farm in the county and an in-home Graphic Design studio near downtown. I tended and cleaned up after farm animals, gardened, harvested and dried plants, and evolved from drawing on the walls to creating mailers with professional design equipment. I cozied up to a Stat camera (just like this one) in the darkroom on hot summer nights, and developed a hobby of digital illustration whenever the computers were idle. Starting in High School, I spent 15 years in commercial printing, starting with manual paste-up, then on to fixing customer files, creating workflow automation, making marketing materials and managing the company website, managing Prepress, and visiting K-12 schools throughout Whatcom County to teach design and printing to yearbook classes, teachers, and parent helpers. During the same time I also had a freelance business doing graphic design, fine arts, writing, and event coordination. I joined the WWU College of Fine and Performing Arts marketing team in 2013.

Collegial Credits

AAS degree in Graphic Design from Whatcom Community College

2 years in the Design program at Western Washington University

BS in Information Technology/Multimedia & Visual Communications from University of Phoenix online

Play time

Playfulness is vital to creativity (proven in studies!), and creativity is vital to problem solving. I encourage a little playtime in every day: whether it's playing with toys at the desk, gaming, exploring the outdoors, tinkering, or wearing something silly. There's always fun and inspiring activities in the CFPA!





Crowned "Queen of the Forest" by Elementary students visiting campus