Kharma Stambaugh

she/her, Student Senator


Kharma Stambaugh is a third year Theatre Major and Dance Minor, studying to be an actor and set designer, as well as a dancer. She has lots of likes and interests from performing to painting to writing and hiking! She likes to create as much as she can, and hopes to use her many skills to create beautiful shows that focus on art, society, and representation.

As a member of the AS Student Senate, Kharma wants to promote communication between the departments in the College of Fine and Performing Arts and support students interested in all aspects of art so that we can avoid overlapping opportunities that force students to choose between interests and give voice to our diverse student body, particularly underrepresented students. She wants to help create projects, opportunities, and events that directly support our students and their dreams, especially our BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and disabled students, who have historically been left out of the conversation in much of the arts.