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Suzuki Violin

Foster your love of music and develop lifelong learning skills through the Suzuki Violin program.  Lessons are taught in a nurturing environment that involves both the parent and the instructor in the learning process.  Appropriate for beginners between the ages of 4 and 7; once in the program, students can continue their studies through age 15. 

Instructor, Lisa Humphrey


A total of 8 private lessons and 2 group lessons. Current session dates, times, and registration.

Lessons take place in Performing Arts Center Room 47


Cost and registration.

Cost does not include instrument use or rental; violins will not be needed for the first few classes. Each child will be measured for proper instrument sizing.

Suzuki Method

Suzuki ViolinSuzuki's philosophy rests in the premise that given the right environment, any child can learn to do anything. In a Suzuki Violin, all children are encouraged to strive for their potential. As a result, practice is based on the number of repetitions rather than the quantity of time. The goals are to create happy children, foster a love of music, develop character and learn skills that will transfer to other areas of life. Your child will learn communication skills, problem solving, organizational skills and hand-eye coordination; the list is endless.

The Suzuki violin teaching method emphasizes the Triangle, where the child resides at the peak and the parent and teacher form the base.  Parents play an important role in learning the violin and their involvement will directly affect how successful their child is. Working to accomplish goals together, and instilling the discipline of working at something on a daily basis in an organized manner, are skills that will benefit children for the rest of their lives.

Suzuki emphasizes positive experiences in a non-judgmental atmosphere.  Not only is it a well-conceived technical and musical progression, but techniques are broken down into small, achievable steps so any child can succeed. Suzuki students attend a monthly group class in addition to their private lessons.

For more information on the Suzuki method, please visit the Suzuki Association of the Americas’ website.


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