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Movement Graffiti

Movement Graffiti: Dance Theater

Movement Graffiti: Dance Theater is a newly formed touring company in residence at Western Washington University.  Movement Graffiti: Dance Theater can be characterized by movement theater that runs the gamut from the rhapsodic to the comedic--the abstract to narrative--dances as sweet as a first kiss as well as thought provoking and mysterious.  The company is comprised of the best of the best choreographic works and dancers immersed in the BA/BFA dance program at Western.  
Movement Graffiti danceMovement Graffiti: Dance Theater will be the opening event of Western Washington University newly instituted summer stock season.  The performances are always family friendly and a delightful way to spend a warm summer evening.  The dancers are accessible and charming and the performances are often preceded by introductions by the choreographers and talk backs with the artistic director at the conclusion of the show.
Long time faculty member and renowned choreographer Nolan Dennett is the Artistic Director.  Movement Graffiti: Dance Theater is available for additional touring the week of August 9th this year and the week of September 14.
Our mission is to bring high quality Movement Art to the under served areas of Washington and to provide our most talented performers and choreographers a touring opportunity where they can showcase their work as dancers and choreographers  before they leave us as and step into the professional world.
For more information and touring possibilities in your region contact Artistic Director, Nolan Dennett at 360-650-3129 or