Theatre Auditions

FAQ for Auditions

Can anyone audition?

Yes, all are welcome! Auditions are not limited to anyone within the major!

Time Commitment?

5 to 6 nights weekly for roughly six weeks prior to opening

Can I get credit for this?

Yes! Once you are casted in a show, you can sign up to receive credit for your performance and rehearsal.

Where and when are auditions held?

Depending on the show, the location will vary but will always be on campus. Please check the online calendar for the audition location and time.

What should I bring to auditions?

Please bring a printed copy of the audition form to give before your audition. Headshots and resumes are encouraged but not required.

What will the costume shop supply for me?

Men- Jacket, blazer, dress shirt, tie, slacks, dress shoes, hat, scarf, gloves and shoulder bag/backpack

Women- jacket, modern skirt, shoes, hat, scarf, gloves, handbag, purse, backpack

Bill Nye makeup kit

Where can I find out more information?

You can sign up for the Theatre & Dance Department weekly newsletter, “Monday Matters,” by contacting Ashley VanCurler