Set and Reset/Reset

Aberdeen, Washington native Trisha Brown put this dance performance together. Trisha Brown, of Trisha Brown Dance Company, is a renowned choreographer and repeat guest Dance instructor at Western. The Trisha Brown Company focuses on post-modern dance.

Use the activities below to think about and enhance your understanding of this work when you watch the video.


  1. How do the dancers interact with each other on stage?
  2. Can you draw some lines and shapes that create similar patterns?
  3. Can you practice moving your legs in one direction and then moving your arms in the opposite direction?
    • This helps dancers find balance in between these lines of opposition, we can create rebound and power from this.
  4. Share your moves with your family and challenge them to move their body in this way!

Bonus points for sharing your own dancing on the Whatcom Arts Project Facebook page with us! Post a video and share in the fun!

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