"Teacher/Scholar/Artist" and "Pareidolia"


Every two years the Western Gallery shows recent work by faculty in Western's Department of Art & Art HistoryThis is an opportunity to see what these highly respected mentors of upcoming artists have been pursuing in their own studios over the previous few years. The works range widely and reflect a broad range of studio practices and media, including painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, installation, and mixed-media. The title, Teacher/Scholar/Artist, evokes the interdependent identities of those included in the exhibition.

A concurrent exhibition, entitled Pareidolia, honors retiring faculty member Professor Barbara L. Miller. The exhibition showcases recent work that Dr. Miller has created in collaboration with artist Dimitri Katsaros, whom she has worked with since 2005.


Teacher/Scholar/Artist: Garth Amundson, Jennifer Anable, Cynthia Camlin, Nathan Cranston, Pierre Gour, Chris Hartshorne, Cara Jaye, Ryan Kelly, Doug Loewen, Ashley Mask, Edisto Meander, Vian Nguyen, Dana Ollestad, Seiko Perdue, Sasha Petrenko, Sally Scopa and Lisa Turner. Pareidolia: Barbara L. Miller and Dimitri Katsaros


Not The Whole Picture (Alice), 66” diameter, sewn C prints, 2021, Garth Amundson & Pierre Gour

Detail of photo from "Pareidolia", Barbara Miller and Dmitry Katsaros

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