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Western’s College of Fine and Performing Arts provides the most comprehensive arts programming in the region, serving all of the creative disciplines! Supported by award-winning faculty and industry professionals, students become career-ready in studio arts, art history, dance, theatre, music and design. Students also collaborate in projects across disciplines for a well rounded experience. In addition, the Arts Enterprise and Cultural Innovation (AECI) minor teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to manage and succeed in their creative career.

We embody and contribute to the inspirational spirit of Bellingham, which persists in graduates everywhere they go. The College of Fine and Performing Arts presents over 300 events per year, open to the public! Events honor local and international performers and visual artists: students fulfilling their passions, renowned faculty, and special guests. Enjoy a perpetual supply of fresh, thought-provoking experiences! We welcome people of all kinds to engage, and enjoy.


Off Campus Location Pickford Film Center
Performing Arts Center 155 - Concert Hall
Performing Arts Center 155 - Concert Hall
Performing Arts Center 199 - DUG Theater
Performing Arts Center 155 - Concert Hall


Western Gallery Exhibition

Jyoti Duwadi, Studio. Tall wood monolithic pieces with tribal designs in earth tones, and similar hanging tapestries, gathered in a room

Jyoti Duwadi
Himalaya to Cascadia
Transcending Boundaries
Artworks 1973-2023

September 27, 2023 through December 9, 2023

Born into a family of Nepali poets and writers, Jyoti moved to the US to study political science. After receiving a Ph.D., he began creating art in a wide array of media, including public art installations that address social and environmental issues.