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A Native American in traditional attire stands behind an antique telephone - the earpiece replaced by a long pipe.

Arbitrary Borders

Works by artists of color in Washington's State Art Collection

Jan 5 through Mar 17, 2023

Arbitrary Borders brings together 35 paintings and sculptures by 19 artists of color. Many of the artists in the exhibition focus on contemporary themes of identity and politics. We find personal narratives and tributes to Indigenous cultures in the work of many of the Native artists. Themes of personal identity and identity expression can be found also in many of the works by Black artists in the exhibition. The works vary greatly in style and artistic movements, ranging from representational to abstract to conceptual, and from ceramic and steel sculptures to paintings, photographs, and prints. In addition to celebrating the arrival of a new collection of artworks that better represents the many faces and backgrounds of our community, Arbitrary Borders will spotlight some of the works by artists of color that already exist on campus.