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Western Gallery

Current Exhibition

Knowledge Bennett - Road to Damascus

The Western Gallery is closed until further notice due to COVID-19. Please check the Western Gallery site for virtual curation of the exhibition through May 2.

Undoubtedly the most notable connection within this exhibition is between Andy Warhol’s Chairman Mao, and Knowledge Bennett’s own Mao Trump. Both political leaders enjoyed vast amounts of media coverage during the highlights of their careers, which serves to delineate communist propaganda to the optics of media driven politics that vex the world today.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Looking Up: The Skyviewing Sculptures of Isamu Noguchi

July 13 through November 28, 2020

Isamu Noguchi’s Skyviewing Sculpture was created specifically for Western’s central plaza, Red Square, in 1969. It is Noguchi’s most ambitious treatment of the skyviewing theme, which was important in his art making throughout his career. 

Curated exclusively for Western Gallery by Dakin Hart, Senior Curator at The Noguchi Museum in New York, the exhibition will bring Noguchi’s sky-viewing sculptures together for the first time.