Students will become experienced with different techniques of pottery sculpting, using a kiln and potter's wheel, and glazing. Students will learn more about clay as a medium, including troubleshooting problems. At more advanced levels, students will engage in critiquing work, and focus on advanced techniques and tools, safety and history of ceramic art.


Check the course catalog for descriptions and prerequisites.

  • ART 140 - Ceramics For Non-Majors
  • ART 230 - Form and Space
  • ART 340 - Ceramics I
  • ART 341 - Ceramics II
  • ART 342 - Ceramics III
  • ART 343 - Summer Intensive Ceramics
  • ART 441 - Advanced Ceramic Workshop
students working individually on clay projects at tables in a well-used studio space
A student leans to the side with their face up close to the end of a block of clay which is the size of a loaf of bread
Student sculpture of a mammoth emerging from the ground
A person sits with crossed legs and hands on a log, wearing a sculpted helmet in the shape of a fantasy creature's head with hairy tentacles
a student bends over and works on the inside of a large clay container
Two images of people posing with full head masks depicting fantastical creature heads. One is tall and narrow, the other looks like a blue, maned buffalo head
A student looks down calmly as they reach for a tool while holding a mid-progress bowl on a potter's wheel
A crowd of people gathered on and around an outdoor staircase, all wearing various animal themed full head masks