Sculpture Woods

front of a rustic gallery building with glass doors and carved totems
Sculpture Woods A Creative Island Retreat
a solid green color

Sculpture Woods was given as a gift to Western Washington University by Ann Morris and her family.

With myth and metaphor, Ann Morris' sculptures speak of the relationship between nature and humankind. On the fifteen acres of Northwest forest which surround her studio, art and nature converge. A wild quiet provides the setting for these figurative bronzes which appear to emerge from the ancient earth. It is a landscape in which to walk, look and reflect. While here please honor the land, the tranquility, the art and the privacy of the artist.

Intent and Purpose

Sculpture Woods is available to students, faculty, and visiting artists who seek a quiet and private environment in which to do their work. It offers a unique sense of isolation allowing visitors unparalleled immersion into a natural environment that inspires creativity, focus, and concentration. Visitors who allow this quiet and reflective environment to guide them will benefit the most from it.

Learn more about Ann Morris and Sculpture Woods.

a rocky path leads to a small lawn in a garden

The grounds

The grounds are open for day use to small groups of students and faculty and can be reserved for special events. There are several large grassy areas for gatherings that are very private and have beautiful views.

There are no outside seating areas, but portable lawn chairs may be brought in.

Food and beverages may be brought to the grounds but the event leader must be prepared to remove all trash. (The general public is not allowed to bring food and beverage on public opening day, this is only allowed for WWU faculty and staff)

There is no camping and no open fires allowed on the grounds. There is a public restroom next to the gallery that is always open.

a copse of fir trees. beyond, a body of water.
an area view of a small building surrounded by trees very close to a shining body of water
dancers among bronze mythical sculptures in the woods



Performers from Susan Haines' dance video "the three graces" perform among Ann Morris' sculptures on Lummi Island.

The Guest House

The Guest House is located to the west of the Studio & Gallery and at this time, is the preferred location for usage by students and faculty. It is best used for meetings, brainstorming, workshops, writing, music, classes etc. but it may not be used at this time for any visual artist that needs to work with materials of any kind such as paint, clay, equipment, etc. For projects requiring a multiple day stay, the Guest House is available to students or faculty for overnight guests. Please note the Guest House is only available for academic endeavors and not intended to be used solely for vacation and leisure stays. Overnight guests should bring their own linens and/or sleeping bags.

Guest House Amenities

  • Approximately 500 square feet of open usable space
  • WI-FI
  • Fully carpeted so strict “no shoes” rule
  • Kitchenette with stove & refrigerator
  • Wood burning fireplace
  • Dining table seats 12 when expanded
  • Library
  • Bathroom/shower
  • 1 queen bed
  • 2 twin beds
  • *There are 6 folding 6’ tables and 40 folding chairs in the Guest House storage shed that can be used anywhere on the grounds or in the studio, breezeway, or gallery
A roomy seating area in front of a large hearth
a long oval dining table and chairs in front of a very large window

The Studio

Currently, Ann occupies her studio 7 days a week during the working hours of 8-5. However, she would be open to students and faculty requesting use of her studio for special events that she agrees to. The Studio is best suited for: lectures or classes with special guests such as visiting artists, recitals, or performances but it may not be used at this time for any visual artist that needs to work with materials of any kind such as paint, clay, equipment, etc.

Studio Amenities

  • Approximately 600 square feet of open usable space
  • WI-FI
  • 1 existing table seats 12
  • High ceilings with excellent acoustics
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Wood burning fireplace
  • Living room seating
  • Library
large open room with a wall of windows at one end and a large wooden table
a tidy open room accented with wood. Lots of light, vaulted ceiling.
people in folding chairs sit in room filled with natural light watching a play reading.



Students from Kamarie Chapman's playwrighting workshop read plays for an attentive audience at Sculpture Woods.

Lummi Island Amenities

  • Public beach access “Church Beach” is a short walk from Sculpture Woods
  • Islander Store for general supplies and food/beverage
  • Beach Store Café for casual dining (
  • Willows Inn for luxury dining and hotel (
  • During peak season, there are a few roadside food & flower stands and a Saturday Artisans Market near the store
  • 3 Heritage Trust public hiking trails


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Sculpture Woods Use Request

Requests must be submitted a minimum of two weeks in advance of the scheduled event(s).

For scheduling questions, please email

Department or unit
Date(s) and time(s) of event
Number of Participants

Guests may be community participants, visiting artists, or audience members, e.g.

Please limit the amount of traffic by ridesharing whenever possible. Remember that a ferry ride is required to reach Sculpture Woods.

Will food be brought in, or will the event be catered?
Which areas of Sculpture Woods property will you be utilizing?
Includes public restroom access
Includes kitchenette, table, chairs, and restroom. Ideal for groups of up to 20
Ideal for groups of 1-3 people. Includes a small table and chairs. Special permission is needed to access space and some restrictions apply.

You must remove any items you bring and any trash from your event from the property promptly at the end of the event.