College of Fine & Performing Arts

Course Planning

Who do I see for advising?

All Faculty members serve as Departmental Advisors. At the time of admission, a primary advisor is assigned. Once enrolled, students are encouraged to select an advisor from their primary area of interest. Students work with their advisor to create a customized Plan of Study.  This becomes the basis of the Senior Evaluation for graduation.

What is a Plan of Study?

A student should have a Plan of Study by the time they reach 90 University credits. It lists all the courses for that student to take in the Art & Art History Department until graduation. It may be revised with their advisor but must be final upon Senior Evaluation.

Can I graduate from the Art Education program without admission to Woodring or Education courses?

The Art Education study plan is designed for completion prior to the Education course study plan. This is in order to secure a teaching certificate in Art Education. Students cannot graduate without completing the requirements of both programs.

How do I do a Senior Evaluation?

Two quarters before graduation, the Registrar will send you a notice to get a Senior Evaluation. First see your advisor to update your Plan of Study. Bring that to the department office, who will get it completed and signed. Take the signed Senior Evaluation form and Plan of Study along with the Application for Graduation form to the Registrar's office.