Sculpture and Expanded Media

The study of sculpture covers several forms of media: wood, metals, fibers, ceramics and mixed media. Courses cover fundamental techniques and hands-on experience conceptualizing creative forms. Classes are repeatable so that students can gain more hands-on skill and understanding in their chosen discipline.


Check the course catalog for descriptions and prerequisites.

  • Art 331: Sculpture - Wood
  • Art 332: Sculpture - Metals
  • Art 334: Installation Art
  • Art 335: Intermedia, Mixed Media, Time-Based Art and Installation
  • Art 431: Advanced Sculpture
Various table, bench and tent-like structures in a gallery, built with wood
A person looks over a table at chin height that is full of broken dishes. An abstract painting hangs on the wall behind the table.
Selfie of a person wearing a welding helmet in an industrial setting
Large shaped pillows attached to a metal ring, reminiscent of keys on a key ring, leaning against a bike rack.
tattered white sheets of some lightweight material hang in the corner of a room like worn-out sails, connected by cardboard strips
blue and yellow chains made from yarn hang from points on the ceiling and walls in the corner of a room, forming something like a loose net
plain wooden knitting needles with two stained in a tie-die pattern
knitted strands and pompoms hang in a corner of the wall like a cartoon tree
various knitted pieces combined together in an abstract shape. Loose pieces of fabric tie buttons, beach glass and driftwood into the shape
driftwood hangs from the ceiling. Strings, shredded fabric, knitted strands and shapes hang from the driftwood pieces.
paper dodecahedrons connected with dowels, decorated with fern leaves
dodecahedrons formed from cardboard and CDs, connected to form a tipped L shape. Each polygonal surface is edged with moss
A person sits with crossed legs and hands on a log, wearing a sculpted helmet in the shape of a fantasy creature's head with hairy tentacles
Two images of people posing with full head masks depicting fantastical creature heads. One is tall and narrow, the other looks like a blue, maned buffalo head
A crowd of people gathered on and around an outdoor staircase, all wearing various animal themed full head masks