Scholarship Application Department of Art & Art History

If you have any questions about applying for a scholarship for the Department of Art & Art History at Western Washington University, we're happy to help you find an answer. Call us at (360) 650-3660.

Before you begin

Look over the entire application, so you have the appropriate materials at hand, in the allowed formats. Review the Scholarship information page.

For Studio Art (BA/BFA) and Art Education, you will need:

  • Artist statement including educational and career goals.
  • A portfolio of 12 images.  The following information will be needed:
    • Title, dimensions, date.
    • A brief description of the assignment in question. The description should state any direct inspirations or influences that might have determined the outcome of the piece.  If the work was collaborative, the description should also state your role in the project. 

Specific Award

After looking over the scholarships available, please specify if you are applying for awards that have eligibility requirements. For example, check that you are applying for the Mary K. McIntyre Gorrell Scholarship if you are pursuing a career as an art educator, with a concentration in fibers and fabrics.

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Status message

The application deadline has passed. Please call the Department of Art & Art History if you have questions. 360-650-3660.

Need more info?

For advising and information about the Department of Art & Art History, email us or call 360-650-3660.