A venn diagram with "wonder" on a galaxy background in the overlap between "science" (with complicated equations in the background) and "art" (with an abstract painting in the background)

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics

The STEAM minor adds the Arts to the traditional STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) framework in order to facilitate an understanding of the interrelationship between STEM fields and Art. Integrating visual experience with scientific processes can:  provide students with the means to explore visual expression through technology, demonstrate the relationship between STEM concepts and the Arts and exemplify how the arts can enhance scientific understanding through processes such as visualization and creative problem solving.


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  • Become proficient with technologies that can be used to create works of Art.
  • Understand concepts such as the creation of metaphor that are common to both the STEM fields and Art.
  • Become familiar with artists whose works exemplify STEAM concepts, processes, and skills.
  • Employ skills such as analysis and prediction that demonstrate the relationship between STEM and Art in the creation of art.
  • Understand the processes such as creative problem solving and visualization that are endemic to STEM and Art.

I was floating between minors until I discovered STEAM. As an avid photographer and filmmaker, a STEAM minor was the perfect way to get credit for doing what I love. Coupled with my degree in Visual Journalism, I'm graduating with the experience and knowledge from an excellent faculty, ready for the creative world.

October Yates

STEAM student

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