Art and Ecology Practicum - Projects

Art & Ecology Practicum is an Art Studio class. Students combine studies of art, humanities and science to focus on the environment. Students engage in research and hands-on creative projects to strengthen their understanding of the environment, and to propose possibilities for strengthening our relationship with it as stewards of the land.

I am grateful to you (Northwestern Crow) for… helping me to be more aware of not just endangered species , or species like you who thrive, but all species that share this Earth. I am grateful; to you for helping me be more conscious of my decisions and recognizing the things species different from me have to offer. I love you.

Michelle Hughes

Art & Ecology Student

We can choose. If all the world is a commodity, how poor we grow. When all the world is gift in motion, how wealthy we have become.

Salvador Rubio

Art & Ecology Student