Time-Based Art

Time based art includes media such as performance, sound and video. Work can be shown in traditional gallery presentations, site-specific installations, performances and public screenings. Time based art is a production of creative research.

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Check the course catalog for descriptions and prerequisites.

  • ART 280 - Time and Motion
  • ART 335 - Intermedia, Mixed Media, Time-Based Art and Installation
  • ART 385 - Time-Based Art
  • ART 386 - Experimental Video Production: Narrative and Documentary
illustration of a penguin surrounded by giant virus molecules
Virtual Exhibition

A selection of works from Chris E. Vargas' Experimental 2D Animation class. In this mix of stop-motion and rotoscoped animation, students engage with and comment on the topsy-turvy, upside down, anxious, surreal, stressful times we’re all living through.

Cartoon illustration of a young person sitting on a bed in a bedroom
Virtual Exhibition

Students in Chris E. Vargas' 397Z class produced these animations using only using the tools available to them: cameras, phones, laptops, and whatever materials they had on hand.

Samples include a rotoscope project (frame-by-frame tracing of live-action footage) and a 2D stop-motion project, among many other skillful and imaginative works.

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